Tara Pringle Jefferson is an established freelance writer, editor, copywriter and public relations consultant, specializing in social media strategy, nonprofit communications, and parenting issues.


Speaking engagements

Tara is an accomplished speaker on the topics of early motherhood and social media (particularly for nonprofit organizations). Hire her at your next community event, conference or workshop for young mothers.

She’s been a keynote speaker at the annual meeting of the National Crittenton Foundation, as well as a participant in its Hill Day, and has hosted college prep workshops for teen mothers. is a regular presenter on social media in Northeast Ohio.

Rates are customized based on travel, length of presentation, and advance notice.


One thought on “Work With Me

  1. Geof Pelaia says:

    Hey Tara – my name is Geof Pelaia and I am the director of marketing at Virginia Marti College of Art and Design. Josh Foote recommended that I contact you regarding your mastery of Social Media. We are expanding our offerings at the college and the idea of social media education is something we want to integrate. I would love to compare notes with you sometime. Please email me at gpelaia@gmail.com if you want to continue this conversation.

    Thanks in advance,

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