See, I really didn’t want to let this blog get all…stale. I pride myself on being a blogger, a GOOD one at that, and the fact that this blog, with my name and personal URL, is sitting here dormant…let’s just say, it’s not sitting well with me.

But there have been many changes since my last update. The most important one being that I am in the midst of starting my own social media consulting business. Many decisions need to be made, and quickly, because I don’t have the luxury of time that many 24-year-olds have. Dude, I have a mortgage. And two kids. And a brand new car. (Well, 2009 model but it’s still “new” in my eyes as long as I’m making the payments.)

I’m lucky that I am one of those people who never defines themselves by the jobs they hold or the salary they make. I feel confident. In fact, I am overwhelmed by possibility. Not too many people get the chance to take some time to figure out what they want to be when they grow up. But I do.

This break in full-time employment gives me a chance to really think about where I want to take my career. But this also gives me a chance to reexamine my #1 role as Mommy. My kids mean the world to me and they are growing up faster than I would like. Can I make my own career? Can I work and still be with them as much as possible?

So on the eve of my 25th birthday, I will take the next few weeks to regroup and reflect on the new path I’m on.

Watch what happens next.


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