1st year of full-time employment down, 39 more to go…

2008, the year that saw me get (and excel at, if I do say so myself) my first full time job, is finally drawing to a close. While I did have a three-month gap for my maternity leave, it still feels like one of the longest years of my life. I got a lot accomplished, but most of all, I feel like my life has direction now. Finally on the path to self-fulfillment and all that good stuff.

Here are four goals for 2009 that I hope I can look back on and pat myself on the back for accomplishing them:

  • Improve my multimedia skills. I would like to take a class or two to help me learn about CSS, and all that jazz. I barely know basic HTML and if I’m going to keep doing this blogging thing, I might need to know to do a little bit of coding. Just maybe.
  • Read. A lot more. Recently I got my library card, but have yet to use it. On Fridays, when I work from home, I need to make a quick trip to the library and pick up some books that will help me become a better writer, editor, PR guru, social media maven, etc.
  • Learn (a little more every day) how to balance this whole work/family thing. I feel guilty for being on the computer checking e-mails when I have a two-year-old tugging at my pants, demanding that I turn around and look at her. “Turn computer off,” she commands almost daily. Sooo…I probably need to get a better schedule. At this point, it’s like I have three (maybe four) full-time jobs: day job, side hustle, kids and husband. There just aren’t enough hours in the day.
  • Write every day. I said 2009 was my year to BE a writer. Writers write. That’s what they do, and if I don’t, then I can’t really call myself a writer now can I? It’s funny how my career goals have shifted so slightly over the past 10 years. First I wanted to be a novelist (age 12-14), then a newspaper reporter (age 14-16), then magazine editor (17-21), then web editor of a site (22-23), and now I want to do a little bit of everything. Magazines, web, books, newspapers, TV, radio, whatever. My future is wide open.  

2 thoughts on “1st year of full-time employment down, 39 more to go…

  1. kim/ohradiogirl says:

    I like your list. I think it’s doable. For a book, I will recommend “The House at Sugar Beach” by Helene Cooper. I’ll have a review on it on my blog in a few days, but my reading group recently read it and we meet this weekend.

    I don’t really want to know CSS. Though I do love multimedia. I think they will continue to dumb it down for people like me.

    I think juggling the work/fam sked will be most difficult. I’ll think on that and get back to you.

    All the best and thanks for sharing.

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