We’re in a recession…so what?

I guess it’s official that we’re in a recession now. *Yawn*

The reason why I’m not stressing out or panicking or cursing to the heavens, “Why?!!? Oh why?!?!” is because I’ve been living like it’s a recession all my life.

This piece on CNN.com, about the many ways people are cutting back, made me chuckle. In the lede, a mom discusses moving into a smaller home and cutting out expenses such as getting her lawn serviced. 

Hmm, let me think about that for a minute. When I was younger, we lived in a smaller home. Heck, I live in an apartment now. My dad always cut our grass, and he bought enough rakes for us to help remove the leaves in the fall.

What people fail to realize in this economy is that for the first time, the financial conditions are forcing people to live like regular people. Regular people don’t drink $5 lattes and don’t get their dog groomed once a month. Regular people don’t live in 3,000 square foot homes with landscaped lawns. 

Regular people have been living paycheck-to-paycheck without any way to get those “luxuries” that other people speak of. How do you cut back when you’re struggling to survive as is? When are we going to tell those stories?


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