What’s going on with our children?

I was at work on Wednesday, typing up a report and checking Cleveland.com’s home page like I always do, when I see an odd headline: “Two people shot at downtown high school.”

 Okay, that’s scary. The brief two paragraph article didn’t tell me much, which worried me. Are the events still unfolding? I wondered.

Well, most of you know the story now. A mentally disturbed 14-year-old freshman with a childhood full of rage and dysfunction brought guns to his downtown high school and proceeded to shoot, wounding four.

He later took his own life.

 What is going on? How did he get guns? Why was this – a shooting rampage – his answer to his problems? Why didn’t more people help him? Could he even be helped?

I don’t know, but I am scared. Scared for my daughter, scared for the students in schools who don’t feel safe. Scared for the teachers who can’t just focus on lesson plans, but who must also prepare for disasters like this.


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